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We help you to develop and deploy business solutions via a system of integrated applications to manage the business and to automate many back office functions related to operations, technology, services and human resources.  Some of the most common ERP deployments include those for product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, sales and marketing, accounting, finance and HR.


Today and in the future, key challenges for organizations are identifying users and their access rights to enterprise network resources from multiple entry points as well as providing them with the appropriate rights while ensuring resource security for the enterprise. We help you build solutions to help organizations access and protect corporate information across the data center and the cloud. As businesses continue to move to cloud-based solutions, an integrated identity solution will enable seamless single sign-on privileges between on premise and cloud applications, and enhanced security and compliance through automated, policy-driven identity management..

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In a world where everyone expects to be constantly connected, your business solutions must remain accessible. We help businesses to deliver solutions that extend their business productivity, on-premises, on the web, and in the cloud. We will help you extend the functionality of your applications to the Web or make them mobile.


We help you design, deploy, and customize business solutions that maximize investments in data services and applications. Businesses use many different applications and store data in a variety of formats. Getting the most from this diversity often requires connecting things in intelligent ways. In other words, it requires integration. Sometimes that integration requires automating business processes by connecting two or more application within and between organization; sometimes referred to as enterprise application integration (EAI). Alternately, businesses need help creating composite applications via a common front end to a group of existing applications.


Today's businesses live in a changing world. There operations now have web, cloud and on-premise components. New development technologies, new connected devices, and new cloud-oriented business models create rich opportunity for businesses innovation and creativity. We can help you build the next generation of continuous services that are dynamic, scalable and optimized to take advantage of the opportunities presented by  a connected universe of devices and data.


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a set of processes, practices, and tools used to manage the lifecycle of an application. When applied effectively, ALM breaks down barriers between teams, enables organizations to overcome challenges, and helps deliver high-quality software at a faster rate. We help organizations manage the entire lifespan of application development, reduce cycle times, and eliminate waste to enable a continuous flow of business value.